Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cordless battery equipment work?

Cordless battery powered outdoor equipment use interchangeable lithium-ion batteries. The batteries all plug in, just like a cordless drill. When you run out of charge you change the battery over for a charged one. The batteries are easy to remove and take seconds to lift out and replace, so they can power the mowers and equipment all day long.

Some manufacturers also offer back-pack battery options with even higher capacity for long lasting periods of operation.


How do I charge the batteries?

The batteries are removed from the equipment and charged using a fast-charger that can fully charge from empty to full in as little as 30 minutes, depending on battery size and charger speed. The charger can be plugged into any 10 amp standard powerpoint.

If contractors have access to power on the job they can plug in the fast-charger and replenish the batteries during the day if required. The fast charger is light and compact.

If onsite power is not available it is possible to carry a mobile power unit (lithium-ion battery bank). This gives contractors flexibility if they are away from a power supply connection. The battery bank can be fully charged overnight.

As a supplement, some contractors have installed solar panels on the roof of their vehicle to provide a renewable source of energy to recharge batteries during the working day.


How much running time will I get from the equipment?

The latest lithium-ion battery technology delivers high energy density, long running times and short charging times. Running time per charge varies between equipment and depends on a number of factors, including terrain, length and moisture content of the grass etc. A guide to approximate running times can be found on manufacturers websites.


How long is the battery life?

The batteries can be charged several hundred times without any measurable loss of energy, even when they are only partially discharged. Unlike previous generations of lead-acid NiCad and NiMh batteries whose power faded during operation, the power curve of advanced lithium-ion batteries remains constant over operating time. A guide to battery life can be found on most manufacturers websites.


Is the equipment easy to use?

There are no cords to pull. Power is instant at the touch of a button.

Cordless battery equipment is much lighter than petrol equivalents making operation a lot more enjoyable for the user and reducing operator fatigue.

There is minimal vibration.


What are the health advantages of making the switch to battery electric machines?

Cordless battery equipment produce zero emissions so both operators and the public are not put at risk from the adverse health impacts of repeated exposure to harmful air pollutants.The collective emissions from fossil-fuel powered machines contribute significantly to primary health risks, including lung disease (such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer).

The use of fossil-fuel powered landscape maintenance equipment produces prolonged and frequent periods of loud noise, especially in spring and summer, and often on a daily basis in residential areas, schools, shopping areas and workplaces. The World Health Organisation identifies that there are significant health effects and impacts on quality of life from exposure to environmental noise, including noise induced hearing impairment.

Making the switch to battery alternatives reduces exposure to long-term high levels of noise and the associated health risks.


How convenient is it to use battery powered machines?

Making the switch to cordless battery powered equipment means no more wasted time refuelling containers at petrol stations. No more fuel spillages or leaks, and no more carrying around containers of highly inflammable fuel in the back of vans, utes and trailers.


Where can I purchase battery powered equipment?

A list of different brands available can be found here.

Please note Zeromow does not endorse or recommend any particular brand, nor do we get paid commission.


Is it more expensive to buy/use cordless battery powered equipment than petrol equipment?

Savings on fuel, maintenance and operation quickly offset any additional upfront cost of the batteries. Operators start saving on fuel from day one.

There is zero fuel, zero oil, no spark plugs or oil filters and minimal routine maintenance. Cost savings add up quickly since the cost to recharge batteries is dramatically cheaper than the cost of petrol and oil.

For a single commercial grade battery powered leaf-blower, it is estimated (based on the US experience) that contractors can expect to see a return on their investment in as little as 12 to 18 months.

If the batteries are charged using electricity produced from 100% renewable energy, such as from rooftop Solar PV there can be zero ‘fuel’ costs.


How can I use renewable energy to charge the batteries?

The batteries can be recharged using electricity produced from clean renewable energy if you have access to power produced from a renewable source, such as rooftop solar PV, solar with battery storage etc.

Alternatively you can purchase Greenpower  from your electricity retailer.

Some contractors have installed solar panels on the roof of their vehicles or trailers to help power the equipment batteries during the day.


If battery electric tools are charged using electricity produced from coal-fired power stations, they still have a smaller carbon footprint than equipment that burns petrol, due to the efficiency of brushless electric motors compared to petrol engines.