Zeromow is a not-for-profit initiative creating awareness of the benefits of zero emission battery electric mowing and gardening equipment and electric vehicles that can be powered by 100% renewable energy.

2016 was the hottest year on record globally and the 40th consecutive year with above average global temperatures. The scientific case for urgent climate action could not be clearer. We must lower emissions urgently to limit global warming and that means the rapid transition to renewable energy to replace fossil fuels.

The rapid transition to renewable energy goes hand in hand with the electrification of transport and fossil fuel powered equipment such as mowers and outdoor tools.

Zeromow has been set up to help fast track the transition within the mowing and landscape maintenance sector. It is hoped that by providing mowing contractors and landscape maintenance services with information and the free loan of some of the latest lithium-ion battery equipment, they will see for themselves that there are cleaner, powerful, reliable and quieter alternatives to the fossil fuel powered equipment they may currently be using. Even replacing one petrol powered tool with a cordless battery alternative can make a difference.

Zeromow also hopes that those who use the services of mowing contractors and landscape professionals (councils, business parks, hospitals, universities, retirement villages, schools, shopping centres, homeowners etc) will encourage their contractors to make the switch to zero emission equipment - creating a cleaner, quieter and healthier environment for everyone to enjoy.

The idea for Zeromow was inspired by Mike Vaughan who set up Enviromowing in Brisbane. Enviromowing was a zero emission mowing service that was electric from vehicle to equipment, all powered by 100% renewable energy. Mike saw an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a largely unregulated sector, improve air quality, reduce noise pollution and create awareness of the confluence between renewable energy, electric transport and battery powered outdoor equipment.

I hope that many more contractors and mowing services will follow in Mike’s footsteps.

Here is to a clean energy future!


Sally Perini

Please note: This is a philanthropic endeavour. I do not sell product or receive commission. My motivation for doing this is entirely to do with the fact we face a climate crisis.