The Equipment

The equipment Zeromow provides for loan is clean, quiet, cordless, lightweight and uses some of the latest lithium-ion battery technology.

We have a selection of different sized mowers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and chain saws. We also have fast chargers, long-life battery backpacks, harnesses and battery belts if required. A detailed list of equipment is available on request.

Instead of carrying containers of petrol and diesel fuel, Zeromow carries a box of fully charged, interchangeable, 36V lithium-ion batteries that are charged from 100% renewable energy and ready for loan.

We use Stihl equipment because it is a familiar brand known to most contractors. However, we do not get paid commission nor do we recommend any particular brand. We encourage anyone who is interested in purchasing cordless battery equipment to look at all available brands before making a decision.

Please note we do not sell any equipment.

The vehicles we use

Zeromow uses a fully electric Renault Kangoo ZE van and a Tesla Model X to carry the cordless battery powered equipment.

You can find out more information on electric vehicles here.


Ride-on Electric Mower

Zeromow can also provide demonstrations of the fully electric, commercial grade Mean Green zero turn ride-on mower that gets up to 7 hours of running time to a single charge. There are currently only two of these ride-on mowers in Australia. Please note that Zeromow does not sell or distribute these mowers. For further information contact Mean Green Mowers in the US. 


Renewable Energy

The vehicles and equipment Zeromow use are charged using 100% renewable energy from rooftop solar PV on the building where the vehicle and equipment are garaged. When we are not using rooftop solar PV, we purchase 100% accredited GreenPower from our electricity retailer.

Greenpower is 100% accredited renewable energy that can be purchased from all electricity retailers. The retailer must ensure they purchase exactly the same amount of electricity that you use from 100% renewable sources. That renewable energy must be in addition to the renewable energy the electricity retailer is required to purchase under The Renewable Energy Target.

By purchasing GreenPower, whether it is 10% or 100%, consumers are helping to support the rollout of renewable energy. The extra cost of purchasing Greenpower can be offset through energy efficiency measures in the home.