Highlighting two Landscape Maintenance Professionals with vision

(American Green Zone Alliance)

We’d like to introduce you to two businesses that are leading the way in the landscape maintenance sector. Both have made the commitment to use zero emitting, battery powered equipment instead of fossil fuel powered tools. In doing so they are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce noise and air pollution and create a quieter and healthier environment for us all to enjoy. 

A + C Environmental Lawn and Garden
‘Creating spaces to share with nature’
Amanda and Carter

Amanda and her son have just started a new lawn and garden care business in the Port Stephens/Newcastle area. They are using 100% cordless battery equipment powered by clean renewable energy.

Amanda has many years of horticulture experience and natural resource management, and is committed to offering clients an environmentally friendly, sustainable, zero emission lawn and garden care service. Their motto is:  “we are not just friendly, we are environmentally friendly!”

With an un-missable pink trailer, topped with solar panels, zero emission cordless battery electric equipment and a passion for environmental sustainability, they are helping to lead the way and provide the impetus for change.

Boss Lawn Care

Mick has been in the mowing business for several years. Up until a couple of months ago, he had been using only petrol powered equipment.

Zeromow was lucky to have the opportunity to lend Mick some equipment, and within a few weeks, not only had he replaced a significant portion of his petrol equipment with battery alternatives, but also he had made alterations to his truck, installed a battery/inverter and will soon be installing solar panels to power his gear during the working day!

Mick could see the benefits of using battery powered equipment immediately - the minimal vibration, the lightness, the ease of use, less operator fatigue, less wear and tear on his body, the quietness and the lack of fumes.

Since making the switch to battery equipment Mick has a renewed enthusiasm for the business, enthusiastically spreading the word to others about the benefits of cordless equipment. He is able to provide the same level of performance and quality of work, without the harmful emissions.

It is wonderful to see these businesses taking the initiative and leading the way in zero emission mowing. We strongly support their endeavors and hope others will follow in their footsteps.

If you know of other landscape and lawn maintenance professionals using battery equipment, please let us know. We would love to add them to our star rating list and share their stories.